Bed Bugs - 36 Facts About The Tiny Vampires

By Abhishek Agarwal 

The disrepute of the bed bugs shows that these are just next to the vampires known for their blood sucking acts. Here are some features about bed bugs and some tips to get rid of them:

1. The scientifically name of bed bugs is Cimex lectularius.

2. These are tiny, brown flat-like insects operating most oft in the night time.

3. All through the day time these li'l blood suckers hide themselves in the areas where people usually sleep over during the night.

4. They have an extremely small body them enables them to fit in to the narrowest space possible, for instance the parts of headboards, mattresses, box springs, etc.

5. Differing from the ants & the bees, bed bugs don't congregate in the single area.

6. The problems pertaining to bed bugs can even be found in the writings from the Medieval Europe & the classical Greek times, that is of the Aristotle.

7. The bed bugs were quite known for their feasts of the wild hosts like the birds & bats.

8. This problem was also a part of the issues faced before World War II. This primarily happened as the hygiene & cleanliness in those days was extremely poor.

9. Bugs almost vanished in era of the 1940's & 1950's as a wide spread use of the various pesticides was known at that time.

10. The less effective pesticides & reforms in the pest control methods then enabled this creature once again to make a remarkable comeback & again hit the society as a pest.

11. Usually the adult bed bugs are mistaken for the ticks & cockroaches.

12. Their size is approximately 1/4 inch length along with flat & hard bodies.

13. This insect is able to move swiftly on all surfaces such as floors, walls, ceiling, etc., but they can not fly.

14. It is interesting to know that a female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in their life span & choose to hide out in the secluded areas in order to make the move.

15. When ever the eggs hatch, nymphs or the baby bugs fully develop in to big blood suckers within a month only.

16. The cool areas or places where there is absolutely no access to the blood would prolong their development time.

17. The nymphs can survive for several months with out feasting, & the adult bed bugs last with out feasting for approximately a year.

18. The people who are in deep slumber usually become the prime targets of the bed bugs.

19. The person while being bitten might not even notice it then. The engorgement only lasts for about 3 minutes or so.

20. They later on realize the fact that they have become food to the bed bugs as they notice the bite scars in the form of a red welt or the li'l swelling on their skin.

21. People who travel frequently often are very irregular in cleaning their beds. The usually land up using the pre-owned beds and they hardly come to know of the bed bugs in their bed.

22. However, it is rather relieving to realize that the bed bugs are not alarming up to a serious disease threat. There is a very minute chance that these bugs may transmit some harmful virus to the humans.

23. Try using the antibiotic cream or some antiseptic on the infected area so as to prevent any & all sorts of complications.

24. Try not to scratch the infected area ever. Just like the mosquito bites, scratching the bed bugs bite would add on to the infection.

25. The very fact that bed bugs have been there for centuries now proves that till date the human beings have not been able to develop any perfect way to control the growth of this creature.

26. The only way we can suggest you here is to contact the professional pest control services.

27. The very experienced professionals surely know the hide outs of the bed bugs.

28. In order to help the pest solvers, the clients must clean the excess clutter in their surroundings.

29. The inspectors must be forced to search through the nearby rooms, as the bed bugs most probably disperse in to the different areas of the building.

30. As the bed is usually the primary breeding ground of the bugs, the bed with holes & tears is most likely to contain the eggs inside or around it.

31. The pest control services generally advise the clients to simply dispose off their beds that get heavily infested or are in very poor shape.

32. The bed bugs rather than looking for the sort of bed they would like to settle in, are on the hunt for some warm blooded person. They occupy the beds of the warm blooded persons for quite a long time.

33. Other places where the bed bugs love to reside are egg foam, sleeping bags, or the stacks cardboard lying on the floor.

34. In short, any & all places where human beings sleep serve as the perfect areas for the bed bugs to settle down.

35. The water beds are not excluded from the list as the bed bugs settle down in the nooks & crannies of these beds as these rein the warm corners.

36. Despite of the varied alternatives of controlling the bed bugs, they are all safe and here to stay. So, the best of the best means to keep away from the bed bugs is to maintain utmost hygiene & cleanliness.


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