Hiring a Pest Control Company

 By Michael Berkompas

When you consider hiring a pest control company, it is a good practice to keep these top 7 things in mind.

1. All Pest Control Companies are NOT the same

There are companies who will accomplish their job quickly and smartly and there are those who will fail to do what you ask and rip you off in the meantime.

2. Don't Accept Firm Prices

If a pest control company gives you a firm fixed price without first fully investigating and inspecting your situation, do not hire. Look for companies who offer reasonable quotes based on your specific problem and go with them. They are much more likely to do a good job and solve all your specific needs.

3. Determine Their Past Customer Satisfaction Rate

Does the company in consideration have a good relationship with their past customers? Were people satisfied with the service? Essentially, this boils down to referrals. Unless you are interested in possibly lousy service, ask for referrals and determine whether the company does their job well before hiring.

4. Long Term Contracts

If you have a rodent or similar problem you are likely to be best served by a long term contract. These contracts most often provide a cheaper method of long term pest control. Take for example, mole control. If you have a mole problem you are most likely going to need year-around service because moles re-inhabit areas after only a short period of time. Thus a 1 year contract is much more likely to be a good option than a per mole cost. Ask whether they offer such contracts and if your situation is covered.

Long term contracts can also be a bad idea in some situations where the pest problem is not likely to ever reoccur. Know your situation well and be perceptive about which payment plan fits your needs best.

5. Customer Service

What type of customer service do they offer? Will they return at no cost to finish any part of the job they may have missed? Don't let yourself be left in the lurch by hiring a pest control company that does not offer good customer service. This is essential.

6. Specialized, Specialized, Specialized

If at all possible select a company who specializes in your current situation. Say you have a gopher infestation, narrow your list of companies by selecting only those who deal only with, or are highly experienced in gopher elimination. You will have a much better chance at having your problem solved if you follow this simple rule.

7. Methods

Although this also falls under "customer satisfaction rate" it is something worthwhile to consider. Filter your list of companies by the methods they use for your situation. Ask them what they will do to solve your problem.


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