How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: The Facts and Myths

By S. E. Seoh

There are many articles telling consumers what they need to do or buy in order to get rid of bed bugs. Getting rid of these pests is actually not as difficult as it may seem; however, it will take some time and patience. There are many false advertisements telling you what the consumer needs to do in order to get rid of bed bugs.

Here's a list of myths to be avoided:

• Pest control companies that guarantee a ONE TIME treatment 
• The new and overly crazed "cryonite" treatment 
• Hotels that say only one or two rooms are infested 
• Steaming procedures

MYTH: Many pest control companies offer a one-time treatment and guarantee that it will get rid of bed bugs. Some other companies state that they have a 30 day guarantee.

FACT: Bed bugs are considered to be one of the hardest pests to get rid of, and while it's true that pesticides are your best bet, it won't work in a one time treatment. The reason why? They can reproduce up to once a week, and lay about a hundred eggs at a time. They also have many hiding spots so it is very difficult to kill all the multiplied bugs along with all their eggs. If there is just one female left after the treatment is done, the treatment is proven ineffective as the population will just increase and multiply again.

Your best bet to thoroughly get rid of these pestering bugs is to stay consistent with your pesticide treatments. There are a range of pesticides that will actually get the job done. It is also effective to use a variety of pesticides, one for electrical outlets, one for the mattress, one for the floors, etc. Remember, the most important fact is to pick the right pesticides that will get the job done and stay consistent with the treatments.

It is also very cost efficient. Better than paying $500-$1200 for a one-time only treatment with a 30 day guarantee.

MYTH: The newly esteemed treatment for bed bugs, cryonite, which freezes them with carbon dioxide.

FACT: While it is true that it is possible to get rid of these pests by freezing (or steaming) them to a certain temperature, the cryonite method has been debunked. As mentioned above, these pests have many hiding spots: wall voids, electrical plug outlets, inside the box spring, etc. The reason cryonite does NOT work is because it is only a surface treatment and only kills on the surface-leaving the rest of the hidden infestation safe and sound. Also, cryonite does not have any type of residual whatsoever, so once the $1000-$5000 treatment is done, the infestation is left in the consumer's hands.

Once again, cryonite is a contact kill with no residual. The same goes for steaming procedures as well. Cryonite and steaming treatments will not get rid of your infestation to its entirety.

MYTH: "Oh don't worry, your hotel room is not infested with bed bugs, only the rooms on the 2nd floor are infested."

FACT: Most likely, if one room is infested, then there is a high chance that the infestation is spread throughout the whole complex. These bugs can travel through wall voids, and we recommend avoiding hotels that have reports of bed bugs being spotted. You can check if your hotel has been infested at the Bed Bug Registry.


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