Mice Deterrent - How to Keep Mice Away From Your Home

By Linda McDermott

Mice can become a pest problem in your home. Learn a few ways to deter these mice in your home.

Most pests operate with the same standards. They are looking for food, water, and shelter. If these things aren't found in your home, they will look for it elsewhere. This is the best mice deterrent to help keep mice away from your home since there will be no incentive for the mice to stay.

What are some of the food deterrents that you can use?

Get rid of all crumbs on the floor or counters especially around baseboards.

Wash up any sticky, sugary substances on your floors and counters immediately.

Seal up any containers mice may get into. You may have to invest in plastic containers that seal up.

Keep your garbage in something that you can cover with a lid so the mice can't get in.

Watch your pet food in your garage since mice and other rodents typically get into that. Put your pet food in sealed containers as well.

What are some water deterrents for mice?

Fix any leaky pipes or running water in the house.

Keep floors, sinks, and counters as dry as possible.

Every week or so run warm water down the sink with a cup of bleach to repel mice that may be inside the pipes or getting their water from the pipes.

What are a few homemade repellents to use against mice?

If mice find their way into a drawer, you need a repellent to keep them out. Dunk cotton balls in peppermint oil and leave them in drawers you don't want mice in. A good place would be the drawer you keep cooking utensils and your silverware since these go into your mouth.

If you happen to see a mouse, put these peppermint cotton balls in the general direction the mice came from or against the crack or hole the mouse ran off into.

And of course cats will do the trick as well.


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